This is my first time going to jury duty. I don't want to get picked as a juror. I don't think I have the ability to decide a case. I am just a student. The only way to not get called up for jury duty is to not have a driver's license. In most places, all you need is a driver's license to be called up for jury duty. Keep on saying "I want justice, this suspect wouldn't be here if they weren't guilty".

The defense lawyer will have you kicked off of the jury. Trending News. Hailey Bieber endorses Biden — while dad backs Trump. Ex-Obama adviser: Covid infections 'going to go up'.

Trump turns power of state against his political rivals. Beware of appropriation posing as a costume. Fauci: Trump ad takes my words out of context.

Wallace grills Lara Trump for breaking debate rule. Answer Save. Steel Rain Lv 7. Don't register to vote, the jury pool is picked from registered voters.

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Jury Duty!?

Tap your feet a lot. Shuffle the papers. Pay only half attention to the attorneys. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Still have questions?Try to curb your jealousy but I spent the last two days at mandatory jury duty.

My mission quickly changed. If I had to be there, some good was going to come of it. What I wanted to take from this was a better understanding of how to best assure that you NEVER get selected to be a juror. When we got in the courtroom we filed into pews not the ideal seating for blowing discrete gas and the judge did his song and dance. He let us know that of the 70 of us sitting there, 12 and two alternates would be selected to serve on the jury of a criminal trial. He then told us the case was for alleged gun and cocaine possession, which included a claim that the defendant held a girl a gunpoint.

Before the individual juror interviews took place, the judge asked broader questions to the whole group. Suffice it to say, more lies were told by jurors in the last two days than witnesses will tell on the stand in the next five.

These people are the guinea pigs. The people you learn from. So with the stage set, here are the best excuses I witnessed, or maybe possibly used, to get released from jury selection and sent back to the jury pool. Have a definitive, unchangeable opinion on the case. Quick example: A few weeks ago my sister had jury duty. She was a prospective juror for a case about officers getting too physical with a woman during an Occupy Wall Street riot.

When asked if she could be impartial, my sister claimed she was adamant that she had no sympathy for the girl, that the girl put herself in that position by being there, and she had the opportunity to remove herself from that situation.

And got herself right out of jury duty. This is a bulletproof excuse for someone not born in the U. Highly effective.

Really morbid. Pretend you have a serious physical ailment. One doctor in my group stood up and said those exact words listed above and the judge excused him without question or hesitation. Be persistent. The judge will cut holes in every excuse you think you have.

On Monday, in an impressive five-minute span one lady threw three huge bombs at the judge.

how to not get picked for jury duty_ yahoo

Remember how I said the defendant held a girl at gunpoint? Well, question 6 on the juror survey turned out to be a fastball down the middle of the plate.To be clear, it is one's civic duty to serve as a juror when called upon. Carrying out this responsibility gives one the privilege of participating in the justice system and provides a means of escape from the monotony of regular day-to-day tasks.

However, there are scores of people out there trying to figure out how to get out of jury duty for various reasons; most of them are related to convenience or the lack of it in this case. One of the justice system's fundamental aspects involves being tried by peers as opposed to the court being judge, jury, and executioner. In line with this, most people find themselves randomly selected for jury duty at some point in their lives.

This selection might not always come at the best time, and often, despite one's good intentions, fulfilling this civic responsibility becomes impossible. Do you know how to get out of jury duty if you ever need to? If you are trying to come up with the perfect jury duty excuses, you must have wondered, 'what happens if you don't go to jury duty? Here is a look at the general outcomes of failing to show up for jury duty, starting from the least to the most severe.

Now that you know what could happen if you missed your summons, here is a look at how you can avoid being a juror. When you arrive at court and take a seat in the jury selection room, the prosecution and defense will interview all potential jurors. There are numerous ways you can use the questioning process to avoid selection for a trial.

For this, your beliefs play a central role in your selection. You can use the questions to create uncertainty and doubt of your efficacy as a juror in the attorneys' minds. For instance, you might say that you lost your faith in the criminal justice system after seeing a certain person walk free. You could also make a statement where you say that you do not believe that it is possible to prove someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The prosecuting attorney will not like this statement, and they might excuse you from the jury selection process. You can get out of jury duty if you can prove that you have a true time conflict on your hands.

If you will have a hard time finding someone to watch your children, for instance, or if you cannot miss work, these are items that can provide you with an excuse many judges will accept to excuse you from jury duty. In most areas, one can easily get out of jury duty if they can prove that they would lose financially by serving as jurors. To use this excuse, though, one needs to provide sufficient documentation to prove their claim.

The jury's commissioner will look at your bank account, tax returns, wage slips, and other necessary documents to ascertain your claim. If you are a sole proprietor in your business, this is the easiest excuse since you can prove that your business relies on your presence to make an income. If you know someone involved in the case, there are chances that you will not be chosen to serve as a juror. This holds when working for an employer involved within the case or personally knowing any of the witnesses.

If you know someone or something about the case, be sure to speak up. If you live in a small town, you most probably know someone remotely involved with the case, which could be enough to get you excused.

If you are an accountant and get called for jury duty during tax season, it is perfectly reasonable to postpone your serve date for a better time. The same goes for any other big event going on in your life: wedding preparation, vacations, or anything really. Some jurisdictions only require juror service once a year.But when I got the summons, I — like many Americans — wasn't ready to take an extended leave from work, so I started looking for a way out of it.

Business Insider has a slideshow on the subject that shows up in the top spot on Googlewith advice ranging from "find a personal connection to the case" to "tell them you're really busy at work. Simple enough, but I learned of another trick from a lawyer friend.

Mention the term "jury nullification," he said, and the lawyers won't want anything to do with you. This term refers to the ability of a juror to decline to convict based on a law he disagrees with — no matter the evidence. This sounded like a great idea. After a few hours of waiting, I was called along with about 15 others to a room on the ninth floor where, after a lunch break, the jury selection began.

As the defense attorney began a long spiel about the importance of finding a fair jury, however, I realized I had entirely the wrong idea about how the process worked. If we had any sort of bias, he said, we should tell them now so we could be excused. If we were biased against a plaintiff who was a former drug addict, we should tell them so we could be excused.

If we had a problem with New York tort law or workplace safety law, then we should let them know so we could be excused. The lawyers only got three vetoes each, he said, so they would prefer we tell them upfront if we wouldn't be good jurors. Also if we weren't available on February 26, then we should excuse ourselves. And so it began. One by one people were given the option to step outside and give an excuse, and two out of three did so, and all of them were allowed to leave.

Meanwhile some people — given every option in the world to get out — said they were impartial and stayed in the room for further questioning. When my turn came I didn't know where to start. Standing in the hallway with excuses swirling through my head, I muttered something about the flaws of New York workers' comp law — only to be told that this was a tort case — and then muttered something about workplace safety law, and finally played my trump card and mentioned jury nullification.

how to not get picked for jury duty_ yahoo

The attorneys smirked. They weren't convinced of anything except that I had a bad attitude, but that was enough, and they let me go. In the end I realized it's pretty simple to get out of jury duty at least in my case — and please let me know if anyone has a different experience.

This isn't even a lie. Everyone is biased. What the court is looking for are people who 1 have no major biases and 2 are willing to suppress minor biases in the name of justice. So if you say you're biased, whether you really have a strong prejudice or are just trying to shirk your civic duty, the attorneys won't want you on the case. Out on Wall Street, elections are the talk of the town. Against this backdrop, fears of a blue wave a Democrat-controlled presidency, Senate and House are washing onto the Street.

However, Goldman Sachs believes a blue wave might not be such a bad thing for the U. Bearing this in mind, our focus shifted to two stocks flagged by Goldman Sachs as strong value plays. General Electric GE First up we have General Electric, which has been a pioneer in the transportation, power, environmental and healthcare industries for the last years.You get a summons in the mail.

If you're eligible and can't find an excuse to get out of it you have to show up at the court house. Here you wait in a room with a couple dozen other people waiting to get selected. Most of the time you hang around all day and nothing happens.


After a few days all you have to do is call in and after two weeks you're off the hook. If you are selected you have to sit on the jury. You listen to the details of the case.

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Evaluate the witness and defendants testimony. After the case has been presented you retire to the jury room and discuss what you have heard. After that you all take a vote. This often has to be done several times. If you can't come up with an unanimous decision as to guilty or innocent after a certain amount of time they declare a mistrial and start over with another set of jurists.

I was only selected for a trial one time. The last thing I wanted to do was sit on the jury for 5 dollars a day. The case involved several people suing a rental company because due to a paperwork snafu they were pulled over by forest rangers in Yosemite who thought their rented van was stolen. When the judge asked everyone if they knew the difference between being arrested and detained I raised my hand and explained that on one occasion I myself was detained by forestry officials because a friend and I accidentally trespassed into an area we shouldn't have.

I told the judge I didn't think it was a big deal whereupon the attorney for the people suing asked the judge to dismiss me.

Jury Duty ?

Thankfully he did. Like I wanted to sit through the whole thing. Remember jurists are only paid 5 dollars a day and a trial can take weeks.

That means the general public. Therefore, all citizens have a duty to serve on a jury when called. Each state has different rules as to how this works, but here you can be called as often as every other year. When you are called, the way it used to work is that you would sit around for two or three weeks, and any time a case needed a jury, they would pull a lot of you in and the attorneys for both sides would ask questions to pick people for the jury.

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A few years ago, I was called in eight times, and each time they threw me off because I had just finished law school and taken the Bar exam, and nobody wanted me on their jury! Since then, California has gone to a "one day or one trial" system.

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You are told that you have to be available for a week, but you call in every night to see if they need you the next day. They could end up not needing you until Friday. Once you go in, they pull in panels again from which to choose juries, but if by the end of the day they haven't picked you, you are done for the next year or two.

how to not get picked for jury duty_ yahoo

If they do pick you, you have to serve until the trial is over. I'm scheduled for jury duty next week and I'm terrified, because I'm assuming nothing will happen during the holiday, and on January 2, I have to take a group of students to a competition in Canada. Nobody else will cover for me, so I don't know what I would do if they insist that I come back that week. The U. Over the years there have been debates of the literal meaning of this, but the accepted practice is what you see today.

The system is there also because if all you have is bench trials, where the judge is also the jury, you give way to much power to the state. Usually when a new judge comes to the bench, they are more likely to be pro defendant.

Then after years of hearing the same BS from the same people, they have a tendency to lean to the prosecution. The jury nullifies that. Jury duty is where they get a group of people to decide something in court.

People have a right to a jury in certain situations because of the constitution.OK I finally have to go to the courthouse or I'll be arrested I thought about saying "I hate blacks etc.

So when they call me, what type of questions will they ask, and whats the best answers to give in order NOT to be picked? Or, try, "I think that everyone who goes to jail for a crime is automatically guilty whether they did it or not.

I think that the latter of the three is your best bet. And it might work better than saying you know the case because I was once on a jury for something that NO ONE could have known about petty theft. That is part of being a US citizen.

If you say things like I was a victim or my relative was a victim of the particular crime or incident you should be released.

Getting Out Of Jury Duty Is Easier Than You Think

Looking unshaven, smelling bad never hurts. Just go and serve on the jury if they pick you for it. If you're not willing to do that, why do you choose to live in a municipality that requires it? Tell them you have already heard about the case and that you have already made up your mind if the person is guilty or not. Jury duty is your responsibility as a citizen.

If you don't want to serve, move somewhere else. Trending News. Hailey Bieber endorses Biden — while dad backs Trump. Ex-Obama adviser: Covid infections 'going to go up'. Trump turns power of state against his political rivals. Beware of appropriation posing as a costume. Fauci: Trump ad takes my words out of context. Wallace grills Lara Trump for breaking debate rule. Answer Save. Tira A Lv 4. So if ya wanna see my answer, go there LOL so going by the double posting Or, you could say that you know someone who was involved in a similar case.Ive been called to do jury duty starting from monday.

how to not get picked for jury duty_ yahoo

I dont think there is anyway i can get out of it. How long will I be there and what can I expect to happen?

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I was only at mine 3 days. I thought it was quite a novel experience and thought I learnt a fair bit from it. It's nothing to worry about, relax and enjoy it. When I did Jury Service in England several years ago, normal service is 2 weeks, unless you are already part of a Jury for a trial, in which case you will be on the Jury until a verdict has been agreed.

In my experience I was only there for a week then was contacted by the Court Service to say there were not enough trials so did not need to attend. On your first day, you will be shown around the courts and shown where you will be sitting as jurors. You may be shown a video of what the procedures are i. You wait until your name is called up this is random and not pre determined.

You might want to take a book don't take an iPod, as you will not hear your name called out. In court will be the judge, the defendant, and prosecuting and defending barristers and their assistants and other court officers. There may also be people in the public gallery. Once in court, another court officer will call out 12 names at random which you say yes if your name is called. You will then walk to the jurors benches. If your name is not called, you will be sent back to the juror waiting room.

As a juror, you will be asked to take an oath, then you will remain seated and listen to the facts that the barristers will tell you. First from the prosecution barrister sitting furthest away from you then from the defence barrister sitting closest to you You will also hear from various witnesses not necessarily eye witnesses, but sometimes expert witnesses and police officers. At various times you may be asked to leave the court while barristers assess a point of law.

A clerk will take you to and from the court at this point, to the juror debating chamber. After the facts have been presented to you, you will then hear the closing statements from each barrister. After which you will then be briefed by the judge and sent to the juror debating chamber, where you and your 11 colleagues come to a decision for if the defendant is guilty or not guilty.

You will also need to discuss who is to be foreman, who reads out the verdict in court when asked. You will not be asked to make a sentence, as this is based on judicial precedent. You may be there just for vVoir Dire. If you are selected to serve on a jury, the length of time of service depends on the trial.

Some trials will last a day or two, and some can last weeks. It depends on where you live. Didn't they send you something, telling you what to expect? I've had jury duty twice in different counties. The experiences were very different. For one of them, I didn't have to go at all! We were to call the night before each day of duty to see if we had to come in. I never did. For the other one, I had to go every day and the length of time varied.